Keep it simple! 

Make sure to choose something that makes you feel comfortable, confident and sexy (even if you're not showing skin!). In the end, it's how you hold yourself and communicate your personality that will make the biggest difference!

Bold patterns, writing, and logos will distract, but bold colors can look beautiful. Darker tones (navy, olive, black, bordeaux red) are always great. Choose clothing that will also bring out your eyes. Check my Collection to see the use of bold and dark colors! 

Some tones/colors don't suit every skin tone, as it can make you look washed out. Especially if you choose to wear minimal make-up. 

Have about 3-4 outfits handy. Sometimes I may ask to mix and match myself if I feel like I will get even more out of you! 

Most importantly... iron your clothing. The camera picks up every wrinkle. 


Ah. Shoots can be so intimidating.
"What do I do with my arms?! I like this side of my face better! This angle won't flatter me..." 

Best advice: Practice in the mirror and let me know of your preferences! BUT, be aware. I may disagree with you and show you that you can actually look gorgeous if you do a slight variation of this and that. I will be communicating with you throughout and showing you the images so you know what's happening. It often immediately eases tension because you'll actually see the results the wonderful collaboration between the both of us! 

A photographer sees you one way, and may think the photos they took are absolutely stunning of you, yet you may think the opposite, as you view yourself completely different. The goal is to make you think: WOW, this is me? I look like this! 

I will make sure to take the most flattering shots of you from specific angles, which makes every shoot personal and different from the other. 

Skincare & Nutrition

Moisturize, don't get haircuts the day before (because what if you think 'WHOOPS') and most importantly, make sure to drink lots of fluids. Avoid anything that dehydrates you or makes you look like you had a rough night. Unless you want to look like that on purpose! 

Make sure to eat a good meal or drink a protein smoothie beforehand. You want to feel your best and it will make a difference to your appearance and concentration! 


If you have any concerns, insecurities or things you want to definitely capture: let me know please! 

I will make sure you feel absolutely comfortable and your best self. I usually meet with clients for a coffee on the day of the shoot so we get to know each other first. This will ease any tension and we can get high on caffein. 

Attention actors
Ideally, communicate with your casting agent beforehand to see what shots they are looking for. You don't want to show up with images they can't use, and you are doing this shoot specifically to land jobs!

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